Tax Law and Related Litigation

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Tax regulations are among the most complex areas of the law. If you are facing a serious tax issue with the Texas state revenue authorities or the federal IRS, call the law office of Edward A. Rose, Jr., CPA, Attorney at Law. Attorney Edward Rose Jr. is a certified public accountant (CPA) with hands-on experience in all areas of tax law.

From our office in Houston, lawyer Edward Rose provides legal counsel for clients in Harris County, Fort Bend County and Montgomery County and communities throughout South Texas, including Galveston. Call 713-581-6029 or contact the office by email to arrange an initial consultation with Harris County tax attorney Edward A. Rose Jr. today.

It makes sense to bring your tax matter to an attorney who also offers CPA credentials. Mr. Rose can save you thousands of dollars by resolving your legal problem while helping you understand how to use state and federal laws to lower your tax liability.

Mr. Rose offers advice and representation for individuals and business interests needing legal help with:

  • Tax preparation: We can help you with accurate individual and/or business tax returns that help you take advantage of every allowable deduction and credit. We also handle 706 estate tax returns upon the death of a loved one.
  • Corporate tax planning: Including effective strategies for helping your business take advantage of existing tax laws to eliminate or reduce your tax liabilities
  • IRS tax disputes: Including appeals and litigation, audit preparation, and responses to IRS notices
  • Tax court litigation: Federal tax court litigation

Hiring a Texas tax litigation attorney

Edward A. Rose, Jr. CPA has found that oftentimes, clients do not know what types of issues an attorney at law who provides tax litigation services deals with. Some of the more common issues that could lead to litigation include:

  • When you are facing a tax audit
  • When you need to file tax appeals
  • Tax fraud and evasion in federal district court

Dealing with tax litigation is never easy

Attorney Edward Rose knows that whenever possible you want to minimize your contact with taxing authorities, including the IRS. It is always our goal to make sure we are handling your case in a manner that helps address the issues you are facing while still keeping you informed of the progress and making sure you do not have to deal with the taxing authority directly. We work hard to make sure you are represented fairly and that your interests are protected.

Tax litigation can go on for weeks, months and in worst-case scenarios and even take longer than a year. We will deal with all tax issues regardless of how difficult they may seem initially. Since Attorney Edward Rose is also a CPA he understands the tax code is confusing to most business owners and further understands that the complicated formulas used for calculating taxes is even more confusing. For most people, filing a tax return has grown more complicated over the years and the chances of making a simple mistake have increased. However, when a simple mistake results in an audit, a past-due notice or any other IRS action, you need the assistance of a Texas tax litigation attorney.

Call Attorney Edward Rose for help

When you are faced with an audit notice or a notification that your tax filing was rejected for errors, it is a good idea to reach out to a Houston tax litigation attorney immediately. Attorney Edward Rose who is also a CPA can help. Since I have an understanding of both tax laws and have experience as a certified public accountant, I am in a unique position to assist you.

If you are facing any type of a tax issue that may ultimately result in litigation, contact Attorney Edward A. Rose, Jr. CPA for help. I will make sure to guide you through the entire process and work hard to make sure that you can move on without having the threat of IRS liens or lawsuits hanging over your head.