Civil Rights Litigation (Police and Social Workers Misconduct)

Have your rights been violated by government social workers or the police?

A social worker violates a parents’ rights when they seize a child without a court order or exigent circumstances and/or submits false reports against the parents which cause them to have their parental rights terminated at trial. These are a violation of a parents’ 14th amendment rights to the U.S. Constitution. These and similar events may be in violation of your civil rights under the 1983 Civil Rights Act.

A police officer violates a person’s rights when they enter your residence without a warrant or exigent circumstances in violation of your 4th amendment rights and also when they use excessive force. These and similar events may be in violation of your civil rights under the 1983 Civil Rights Act.


Ways In Which Your Civil Rights May Have Been Violated

If you don’t know your rights, how can you know that they’ve been violated by case workers or police? You might have a feeling that something is wrong, but without an attorney to verify it, you’ll either go through life tolerating these violations or end up in a worse situation because you didn’t protect yourself with a strong legal team. Some ways in which civil rights are violated are:

  • Failure to Intervene- Police officers take an oath to protect their fellow citizens and standing by watching another person be harmed, without doing something, is a violation of their oath.
  • Forced Confessions- Authorities are forbidden from pressuring or physically harming a person in order to get them to admit something that is false.
  • Unlawful Removal of Children- Social workers must have proper documentation before removing children from your home. Without that, they’re violating your right as a parent.
  • Unlawful Seizure- No one has the right to take your property unless they have a court order. Seizure without a warrant is a clear violation of your civil rights.
  • Violation of Due Process- To facilitate equality, there are certain steps with which authorities must comply as they do their work. Failing to follow the process by skipping steps or doing them out of order is unlawful.

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