Business Transactions Including Incorporations/Choice of Business Entity

Business transactions are what make your company profitable or cause you trouble. It always is best to have a reliable Houston Business Transactions Attorney in your corner, to review contracts, draft valid documents and otherwise help you grow your business within full legal compliance from day one. Since 1995, Edward A. Rose, Jr. has gained extensive experience in business transactions, contracts, and tax planning. He has helped business organizations run their companies and defend their business operations in local, state and Federal courts.

Edward A. Rose, Jr., CPA, Attorney at Law

Clients enjoy working with Edward A. Rose, Jr., CPA, Attorney at Law, because his extensive experience in accounting, taxation and legal matters are an ideal combination for providing complete Business Law services. He knows how to work closely with business owners to help them make important decisions about risk management, tax reduction strategies and business structure. His approach is that each client is unique and deserves individual attention, planning and representation. Finding the answers to difficult and complex legal issues is his strong point, qualities that his business clients appreciate and value.

Attorney Edward Rose

People come to Attorney Edward Rose with a variety of business issues to resolve. We are often asked to help business owners respond to contractual disputes at all court levels, from state to Federal courts, the U.S. Tax Court and the Appeals Division of the I.R.S. With his help, you have confidence that you have excellent representation by an attorney who works diligently on your behalf for best results.

Houston Business Transactions Attorney

Your need for a Houston Business Transactions Attorney begins at day one, when you want to determine which business structure is best for your new company. We offer legal advice and representation for owners and operators of businesses of all structures and sizes, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, LLCs and non-profit organizations. Our recommendations are based on extensive knowledge of taxation, corporate regulations and compliance requirements.

Texas Business Transactions Lawyer

Work with our Texas Business Transactions Lawyer to make sure you and your company assets are protected. One of our most valuable services to business clients is litigation risk management. We are always available to answer your inquiries, to review contracts and help you with tax planning and growth strategies. We understand payroll tax regulations, auditing and commercial lease agreements. Regulatory compliance is always important and an area that can cause problems if you do not understand what is required. Planning strategies and helping you create good business transactions that meet your intentions is part of the legal advice, counsel and representation we offer.

It is never too early or too late to get sound legal advice about your Business Transactions. Learn more about our business client services today. Contact the Law Offices of Edward A. Rose, Jr., CPA, Attorney at Law, Houston, TX. Call us now, at (713) 581-6029.

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