Client Reviews

Five Star Rating

Mr. Rose is absolutely brilliant. His professionalism and expertise in my case has been instrumental in breaking uncharted ground in Kansas. Mr. Rose is passionate and diligent in his work. He takes time to explain the court process, answers my questions thoroughly and promptly and fully prepares me for the next step. His extensive knowledge and exceptional work ethics is outstanding, giving me confidence and security, knowing my case is in the very best hands! I can not thank this man enough for his service on my case. He has been a true blessing!

- (5 star review)

Thank-you Ed Rose; from your Alaska people

Ed Rose is just as much a good teacher as he is a great attorney; concise, to the point, clear communications. He’s thrifty, and trust worthy with money. too. Ed took on a very big job in Alaska, when no one else would help come against the State of Alaska’s violation(s) of the 4th & 14th US Amendments. (Unlawfully taking children into State’s custody). We have no worries about Mr. Rose’s good workmanship, whatsoever. The only concern we have, pertains to our fellow Alaskans who do not understanding how much these types of cases actually cost the attorneys. Be prepared for a big retainer, and a lot of hard work. Take what you learn from Mr. Rose, and help somebody else, you will not regret it.

- (5 star review)

Current Client Review

Mr. Rose is extremely knowledgeable on vast array of subjects. He helped us out in our time of need giving us the confidence and comfort needed to proceed during this difficult time. He resolved the case in an expedient manner. We appreciate him and all he has to offer and would recommend him to anyone.

- (5 star review)