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Houston Accounting Malpractice Attorney

Texas Lawyers Pursuing Claims against Accountants and Auditors

Accountants and auditors are governed by extraordinarily complex regulatory and professional standards that few people outside these professions - even highly sophisticated investors and businesspeople - understand. That is why, if you believe you may have a claim against an accountant, it is necessary to obtain sound professional advice about your options.

At the law office of Edward A. Rose, Jr., CPA, Attorney at Law, our Houston accounting malpractice lawyers help clients in Texas and nationwide pursue claims against accountants whose negligence has resulted in IRS tax audits, inaccurate financial statements and other serious consequences.professional malpractice

Holding Accountants to the Standards of Their Profession

To a layperson, the word "gap" means a space between objects. When an accountant hears the word "gap," he or she thinks of GAAP, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles - the bible for accountants in the United States that now contains more than 150 "pronouncements" on how to report financial results. Similarly, to a layperson the word "sass" means backtalk. When an auditor hears the word "sass," he or she thinks of SAS, Statements on Auditing Standards - the complex set of rules governing audits of nonpublic companies.

A maze of government regulations governs accounting for public companies, and international rules differ from those in the United States. Not surprisingly, therefore, knowing whether an accountant made a mistake usually requires consulting with an expert. Our attorneys have decades of experience reviewing cases to determine whether accountant malpractice occurred. We are familiar with the elements that must be proven in order to win an accounting malpractice case, as well as common situations in which accounting malpractice occurs.

Prepared to Handle All Types of Claims Against Accountants

Accountants and auditors may be liable to those who they can expect will rely on their work, not only the clients who employ them. In addition to helping clients sue their own accountants for malpractice, our firm also brings claims against accountants for violating their duties through their participation in the sale of investments. To discuss pursuing an accounting malpractice claim or any other type of claim against an accountant, call 713-581-6029 or contact us by email to discuss your legal matter. All communications between our firm's attorney and any potential clients remain entirely confidential.

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